Mid-Term Examination (EDM January – June 2013)

Since half the year has gone by I figured I should do a bit of a review of my favourite EDM releases of the past six months. I’m not going to try to pick the best of each category; I’ll just list a few things that I liked.

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Best EDM of 2012

The results of the annual Dubstep Forum awards for 2012 have finally been announced,  so it seems like a good time for me to give my picks (only 1/6 of the way into 2013!). I can’t say I’m too satsified with the way it turned out. Most of my nominees didn’t even make the final ballot. A lot of the winners are overhyped in my opinion, and  a lot of worthy candidates were overlooked. I’ll skip over categories that I don’t have a strong opinion on.

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