OPEN LETTER TO BRIAN LEITER: from one just a “guy with a blog” to another

Terence Blake gives Leiter’s idiotic ramblings on “identity politics” in philosophy a far better response than they deserve.


Dear Professor Leiter,

I see that you have devoted two paragraphs to me in a blog post, so I feel that I must respond however briefly. I must admit that I have no idea who you are, despite having visited your blog very occasionally, so I have no particular opinion about your work, of which I am totally ignorant.

I must admit I was a little surprised by your introducing me as “Some fellow … who teaches English in France”. It seemed a little disparaging, as if I had no right talking about Continental Philosophy or anything else much (except the present perfect and infinitive clauses?). I am not totally ignorant of philosophy, as I have a First Class Honours Degree in Philosophy from Sydney University, and a Masters in Philosophy from the Sorbonne. While it is true that I “teach English in France”, I do so in the…

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