Mid-Term Examination (EDM January – June 2013)

Since half the year has gone by I figured I should do a bit of a review of my favourite EDM releases of the past six months. I’m not going to try to pick the best of each category; I’ll just list a few things that I liked.


  • Djrum – Seven Lies (2nd Drop)
  • Bonobo – The North Borders (Ninja Tune)
  • Author – Forward Forever (Black Box)
  • Nosaj Thing – Home (Innovative Leisure)


  • Auxcast Volume One (Auxiliary)
  • New Blood 13 (Med School)

I’m also looking forward to Mosaic Vol. 2 on Exit, though unfortunately it’s not coming out on CD.


It’s been a good year for EPs so far:

  • Kiyoko – Kiyoko (Samurai Horo)
  • Indigo – Reaching The Source (Samurai Horo)
  • Synkro – Acceptance (Apollo)
  • Ulrich Schnauss & ASC – 77 (Auxiliary)
  • Synth Sense – Symbol #9 (Auxiliary)
  • Sepalcure – Make You (Hotflush)
  • Kryptic Minds – Namaste (Osiris)
  • Submerse – Algorithms and Ghosts (Project Mooncircle) – (Dim Lights and Meteorites)
  • Danny Scrilla – Fluxus (Civil)
  • Ital Tek – Hyper Real (Civil)


On the other hand, it hasn’t been that good a year for singles. These are the only ones that stand out for me:

  • Lurka – BR Greaze / Full Clip (Hotline)
  • Rowl – Organic / Cosmic Visions / Fountain (Smokin Sessions)
  • Blocks & Escher – Monsters ft. Loxy & Resound / Heliocentric ft. ASC (Narrative)



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