What is non-manifestation?

I’m starting thsi blog mostly to follow other blogs so I don’t know how often I’ll actually be posting here. If I do, it’ll be about philosophy — particularly Deleuze with and without Guattari, Badiou, Laruelle, and the “speculative realists”; and about music — mainly electronic dance music from the UK (dubstep, dnb, “bass music”). I also might occasionally post translations of bits from Artaud.

The name of the blog comes from one such bit:

I would have done better to have stayed in the principle than to have wanted to come to being. The principle cannot be touched, being in its essence what escapes from being. So?
So it can
1) diverge into the ten thousand beings
2) refuse them
3) dive into the infinity of Non-Manifestation which is also an eternal state of refusal where it must protect its being made from all that is not and cannot be.
Not manifesting itself is refusing both the void and the plenum, non-being as well as being,
and the truth is that I never came to being and that I haven’t left the principle but that the being both of being and of not being surrounded and suffocated me and that it wanted to assassinate me in principle, and in principle it didn’t succeed but it assassinated everything in the principle that didn’t want being nor to be and the force with which the principle drew back and which of the principle drew back in order not to be,
and the being which from the principle stayed in things and which ought to have exterminated them respected them and they all took advantage of it while it had pity on them
In any case being or non-being, finite or inifinite, non-Manifested or Manifested are words for the principle which is dead and of which the being of it that stayed is the representative in the world.